How to Manage Exposure & Focus On Your iPhone Camera

An entire industry has evolved thanks to iPhoneography. A resurgence of interest in photography has been stimulated thanks to online services in support of apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram, direct online photo printing and mailing services, international iPhoneography exhibits and competitions, as well as a plethora of iPhoneography courses everywhere. The quality of the images aside, iPhoneography has pioneered social interaction via the sharing of images.
The original iPhone was just like the old Instamatic camera. We had no control over the result, except for developing an eye for good composition, of course. The iPhone camera just captured the image while allowing no opportunity to change settings except for subtle adjustments to automatic shutter speed and ISO sensitivity. We didn't have to set any focus or exposure.

very good know how, tips and tricks for all of you photogrephers out there, beginners and pros as well.